The Www.609.Ir's site with more than 500 flash clocks in 38 different subjects is considered as one of the biggest flash clock companies in the world. We hope that the existent clocks would draw your attention and tempt you for using them in your site or weblog.

If you are looking for a special subject that is not in the site, inform us through comment parts or sending email to If it would be possible we will add it to the site.

Our friends who want to send us a clock, should pay attention that:
1. The files that you are sending must end in "swf".
2. The file size should not be more than 15Kb.
3. The watches that use insulting or impolite pictures are not going to be put in the site.
4. I should add that the received files will be put in the site with your own names.

Examples of Flash Clocks :

Name : 3d
Name : Analog
Name : Imam Hossein

Name : Animation
Name : Analog
Name : Digital

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